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Ambuscade Archive

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Were you looking for Ambuscade?

Ambuscade Battle3.jpg

This page holds all the old information for Ambuscade. We will get around to cleaning it up one day.

April 2016 - 2017

Ambuscade (Primer Volume One)

February 2017
You will face off against a group of Velkk, Information Needed, who has access to their respective one-hour abilities.

The number of Velkk vary based on the difficulty chosen as such:

Difficulty Number of Velkks
Very Difficult Question
Difficult Question
Normal Question
Easy 2
Very Easy 1

Ambuscade (Primer Volume Two)

April 2017
You will face off against a group of Symbiotic monsters.
  • Aggroing the larger mobs will cause all mobs to aggro and may result in decreased dmg taken by all mobs. Mobs may be pulled one at a time and away from the group in order from left > right, smallest to largest to avoid this mechanic Information NeededVerification Needed

The number of Symbiotic monsters vary based on the difficulty chosen as such:

Difficulty Number of Mobs Types of Mobs
Very Difficult 7 Marid Dhalmel Buffalo Tiger Coeurl Rabbit Opo-Opo
Difficult 6 Marid Dhalmel Buffalo Tiger Coeurl Rabbit
Normal Question
Easy Question
Very Easy Question

April 2017 and Beyond

April 2017

April 2017
You will face off against a group of Gigas, Information Needed, which have access to their respective one-hour abilities.

The number of Gigas vary based on the difficulty chosen as such:

Difficulty Number of Velkks
Very Difficult Question
Difficult 5
Normal Question
Easy 2
Very Easy 1

April 2017
You will face off against a group of Symbiotic monsters.
  • Aggroing the larger mobs will cause all mobs to aggro and may result in decreased dmg taken by all mobs. Mobs may be pulled one at a time and away from the group in order from left > right, smallest to largest to avoid this mechanic Information NeededVerification Needed
  • Suggested order for fighting mobs is to start with the Rabbit, and work your way toward the center - once the Coeurl is defeated, jump to the tiger, then work your way back to the middle. The final mob should be the Marid. Mobs will take damage and use abilities in line with their respective creature type. At 1% health, the engaged mob will continue to stay alive until it uses a TP to "activate" the next mob in the series. Mobs can aggro without the preceeding mob being beaten if the party takes too long to kill the engaged mob.
Difficulty Number of Mobs Types of Mobs
Very Difficult 7 Marid Dhalmel Buffalo Tiger Coeurl Rabbit Opo-Opo
Difficult 6 Marid Dhalmel Buffalo Tiger Coeurl Rabbit
Normal 5 Marid Dhalmel Tiger Coeurl Rabbit
Easy Question
Very Easy Question

May 2017

May 2017
You will face off against a group of Antica and a Cactus, Information Needed, which have access to their respective one-hour abilities.
  • Summons antican adds after each percentage of % is lost.
    • Number of adds are based upon the difficulty.
  • Cactus can be killed to stop needles
    • Boss takes increased (double-triple) damage when cactus is near.

The number of Information Needed vary based on the difficulty chosen as such:

Difficulty Number of Adds Cactuar Needles
Very Difficult 3 Per summon 10,000
Difficult 2 Per summon 4,000
Normal Question 2,000
Easy 1 Add per summon, 4 total adds 1,000
Very Easy 1 Add per summon, 3 total adds 100
May 2017
You will face off against a Pteraketos.
  • No adds
  • Only thing that changes is HP/DMG
  • Weak to Ice and Darkness.
Difficulty TP moves
Very Difficult
Very Easy

June 2017

There was no June 2017 done, it was tonberries for vol 1 though.

July 2017

Volume 1, July 2017, Fomor

Difficulty Foes Notes
Very Difficult Bozetto Deathsinger(RDM)

8 Random Fomors:
Aegis(PLD), Amanomurakumo(SAM), Annihilator(RNG), Apocalypse(DRK), Bravura(WAR), Claustrum(BLM), Excalibur(PLD), Gjallarhorn(BRD), Gungnir(DRG), Guttler(BST), Kikoku(NIN), Mandau(THF), Mjollnir(WHM), Ragnarok(DRK), Spharai(MNK), Yoichinoyumi(RNG)

The Fomors are resistant to Elemental Seal sleep at this difficulty. A BRD using abilities such as Troubadour is recommended/required.

Difficult Bozetto Deathsinger(RDM)

6 Random Fomors

The Fomors are susceptible to Elemental Seal sleep from a GEO from this difficulty and easier.

Normal Bozetto Deathsinger(RDM)

4 Random Fomors

Easy Bozetto Deathsinger(RDM)

3 Random Fomors

Very Easy Bozetto Deathsinger(RDM)

2 Random Fomors


  • All Fomors are susceptible to sleep and stun.
    • On Difficult difficulty and lower a GEO may use Elemental Seal Sleepga.
      • The fomors will resist this at Very Difficult, and require a BRD to sleep instead.
    • Once awoken the Fomors gain drastic sleep resistance.
      • This is removed upon a complete wipe.
  • All Fomors may parry/shield block, recommended to fight from behind.

Bozetto Deathsinger(RDM):

  • Posseses very low HP.
  • Immune to sleep.
  • Susceptible to stun, addle
  • Cast Aspir, Curaga, Death, Drain.
  • Uses Chainspell at 75%.
  • Spams Death during chainspell if players have not defeated all fomors.
    • If all formors are defeated then the Deathsinger will not chainspell death.











  • Uses Familiar
    • This will charm the player who has hate.







Setups and Strategies:
Pulling the Deathsinger away from the group is recommended as curaga will ruin the fight if it wakes the Fomors. Landing addle will make stunning curaga easier if desired.
Groups on easier difficulties can get by on a player /BLM using sleepga, but BRD is the recommended sleeper for this fight as Horde II + Troubadour should grant 5+ minutes of sleep. After the mobs wake up from the first sleep they will no longer be susceptible. Very Dificult:

  • PLD or RUN gains hate on all the adds, the BRD JA horde sleepgas, and then the tank pulls the eye away.
  • Two DDs then go to town taking the adds down. Save NMs like Excalibur or Mjollnir for last, and the eye last of all.
  • If your group struggles at this then consider doing Difficult instead of Very.

Very Easy:

Volume 2, July 2017, Vermin

Difficulty Foes Notes
Very Difficult

Beetle, Chapuli, Wamoura


Beetle, Chapuli, Wamoura


Beetle, Chapuli, Wamoura


Beetle, Chapuli, Wamoura

Very Easy

Beetle, Chapuli, Wamoura

The order in which monsters are defeated affect the name and strength of the next monster. Each iteration is stronger than the last and gaining different traits/abilities.

Monsters do not seem to have enmity between fights. Allowing you to summon trusts between each one.

Setups and Strategies:
Recommended to fight the Wamoura Last, with an order of Beetle → Chapuli → Wamoura.

August 2017

Volume 1, August 2017, Sahagin

Difficulty Foes Notes
Very Difficult Bozzetto Songstress BRD

Bozzetto Wavefist MNK x2, Bozzetto Flowspear DRG x2,
Bozzetto Hydrophile WHM, ChirurgeonWAR

Regen effect of ~15+% a tic while silence is off.
Chirurgeon (manta) possesses an avoidance down aura, and is immune to sleep.

Chirurgeon uses Inky Injection which is a conal knockback with super gravity.

The Songstress is capable of using Maiden's Virelai on this difficulty.

Difficult Bozzetto Songstress BRD

Bozzetto Wavefist MNK x2, Bozzetto Flowspear DRG x2,
Bozzetto Hydrophile WHM

Regen effect of 5% a tic while silence is off.
Bio aura is ~70/tic

Normal Bozzetto Songstress BRD

Bozzetto Wavefist MNK x2, Bozzetto Flowspear DRG x2

Regen effect of 3% a tic while silence is off.

Easy Bozzetto Songstress BRD
Very Easy Bozzetto Songstress BRD

Bozzetto Wavefist MNK Bozzetto Flowspear DRG


  • All foes besides the Bozetto Songstress are susceptible to sleep of either element.
  • Each foe will use their respective 1 hour abilities.
    • Benediction on D+ will heal the Songstress.
  • The Bozzetto Songstress will stand in the middle of the arena with a bio aura, take no damage, and does not move.
    • Defeating other Sahagins will progressively remove HP from the Sonsgstress.
    • The Songstress will sing Mambos.
    • Silencing will remove the bio aura and regen effect from the mobs.
    • The Songstress possesses a high regain effect and will use Cleansing Bubbles to remove all debuffs from itself and any nearby mobs (~20') as well as waking them.
    • Progressively enfeebling the Songstress will grant different messages:
      • The boss's throat is parched - 1 total debuff
      • The boss's begins to sing off key - 2 total debuffs
      • The boss's voice begins to crack -3 total debuffs
      • The boss's can barely croak the words out - 4 total debuffs. Enables silence to land.
  • Songstress is capable of changing colors under unknown conditions. Information Needed
  • Defeating all monster will remove the invincibility from the Songstress until monsters are respawned.
  • After silence is on, Sahagins will level up either after it uses a weapon skill or after being hit with a weapon skill.
    • Monsters will not level up during weapon skills if the Sonsgstress is not silenced.
    • The Sahagins will begin leveling down once the Songstress is no longer silenced and they are standing within the Bio aura.
  • The Songstress will resummon defeated Sahagins shortly after their death.
  • Fighting adds away from the Songstress increases their defense considerably.

  • Monsters will use standard Sahagin TP moves.
    • Including Hydro Shot which resets hate on the target and Spinning Fin (AoE) which inflicts stun for up to 15 seconds.
      • Spinning Fin may be evaded with two shadows.
    • Bozzetto Wavefists will use Suckerpunch which inflicts high damage to one player and resets hate on the target.

Setups and Strategies:
Very Easy:

  • Soloable THF with Trust
Miau Sollo VE Strategie: THF with Trust Yoran-Oran (UC), Valaineral, Joachim, Koru-Moru, Iroha II. Start Attacking DRG after WS change to MNK after WS change again do so until both are dead. Make sure they die at roughly the same time. When Both dead Attack BRD and kill it(easy kill).

Strategy 1: DD x2, Tank, WHM, GEO, BRD

  • Geo-Frailty, Indi-Wilt, Entrust Indi-Torpor
  • WHM should use Barthundra and Barpetra.
  • Double Madrigal, rest depend on DDs.
    • Two DDs sub NIN (to avoid stuns) which can SC with themselves seem optimal this month. Something like THF or DNC x2 or two really good BLUs creating light or dark SCs to rapidly take down a monster before silence wears.
  • Tank aggros everything and then runs to a corner while the bard sleep the mobs.
    • RUN recommended due to constant hate resets. Foil will help keep better AoE hate. PLDs would will need to try and cure for AoE hate.
  • Tank then runs back and stands next to the Songstress. Pick the mobs off one at a time via skillchaining damage faster than their level ups can stop you.
  • Rest should be self-explanatory. Dispel the mambos, use the bio aura to level down a mob if you fail to kill it fast enough.

Strategy 2:

  • Simply the same as strategy 1, except you don't silence the Songstress and entrust Fury instead of torpor since accuracy won't be an issue.
  • Bard gives lightning carol x2 instead of madrigal in order to avoid the stuns.
  • Leveling up and stuns are the biggest issue from strategy 1, but a 3 step SC or two light or dark SCs will kill any of the mobs regardless of their regen potency.
  • ~6 minute runs with good players. Watch out for counter and hundred fists, but Indi-Wilt will help a lot with that.

Strategy 3 (Preferred) REAM DDx3 (one preferably a great DD COR), BRD, GEO, WHM:

  • Bard gives lightning carol x2 and march X2.
  • Don't silence the Songstress. This method is a zerg where you defeat all the mobs before any respawn so that you can just defeat the Songstress.
  • DDs run in, one uses a warcry or something for hate to control the mobs for sleeping. A Lionheart RUN excels in this strategy for this.
  • Fight on top of the Songstress and start with the WHM. Resleep mobs after Benediction wakes them all.
  • Proceed to rapidly take down the others mobs. When they are dead the songstress can then take damage and quickly dies.
  • Should take about 2 minutes 30 seconds including buff time.
    • Worst case scenario the WHM repops and you just wait for one more DRG or MNK to respawn to defeant and end the fight.

Volume 2, August 2017, Morbol

Difficulty Foes Notes
Very Difficult Popular Penelope
Difficult Popular Penelope
Normal Popular Penelope
Easy Popular Penelope
Very Easy Popular Penelope

It's a Morbol, it hates you and everyone you love. If you listen closely you can hear a Taru Paladin asking for Haste from somewhere between it's teeth. Ohh yeah and all Morbol abilities.

Setups and Strategies:

September 2017

Volume 1, September 2017, Qiqirn

Difficulty Foes Notes
Very Difficult Bozzetto Pilferer (THF)

Bozzetto Scoundrel (THF) x5

Bozzetto Pilferer uses Blood Weapon, Hundred Fists, or Perfect Dodge at random.

Difficult Bozzetto Pilferer (THF)

Bozzetto Scoundrel (THF) x5

Bozzetto Pilferer uses Blood Weapon, Hundred Fists, or Perfect Dodge at random.

Normal Bozzetto Pilferer (THF)

Bozzetto Scoundrel (THF) x3

Easy Bozzetto Pilferer (THF)

Bozzetto Scoundrel (THF)

Very Easy Bozzetto Pilferer (THF)


  • All enemies must be defeated in order to be victorious.
  • All mobs are immune to Gravity and Break, and highly resistant to Stun.
  • Bozzetto Scoundrels are susceptible to Sleep and Bind, but immune to Lullaby.
    • Bind resistance will build quickly however sleep resistance is never an issue, even on VD for a well geared RDM.
  • If any Songs, Rolls, Geomancy bubbles, or Avatar's Favor is on the party then the Bozzetto Pilferer and Scoundrels will use Essence Steal.
    • Essence Steal is move which heals them to full HP and levels them up every time they land a melee hit on a player or Trust.
      • If the Qiqirn are close together, they appear to synchronize this move whenever one lands a hit.
      • Level will cap eventually, but they will still heal to full HP when they land a melee hit on a player.
        • Was hit rate floored in VE @ 1283 accuracy once it's level was capped.
      • Stoneskin does not prevent this from occurring. Getting hit for 0 still triggers this.
      • Absorbing melee swings with shadows does prevent this from occurring.
      • This effect was tested multiple times to only happen when a GEO COR or BRD buff is present when the player is hit. (Multiple self tests were made as well as testing [1])
  • The Bozetto Pilferer will drop a Mine sometimes which explodes after a few seconds.
    • All sleeping Scoundrel's will proc blue Blue.png and wake up when the mine explodes unless you defeat the mine when it spawns.
      • When a mine is dropped hate resets on all monsters. This will cause the adds to go after random players after waking up from sleep.
      • Players have ~10 seconds to defeat this mine before it blows up.
      • The mine's name tag may not display, or be untargetable, depending on camera angle and/or distance from it.
      • If the Pilferer is defeated while a mine is out then it will despawn without going off.
  • Kibosh from the Bozetto Pilferer will inflict high Physical Damage damage.
  • Other moves used include:
    • Cutpurse - Encumbers one random piece of equipment.
    • Faze - gaze terror (~10 seconds).
    • Sandspray - Conal blind, -100 accuracy Verification Needed.
    • Dead Eye - Conal defense and magic defense down.
    • Also uses HP Theft, MP Theft, and TP Theft, which causes whomever is hit by it to lose half of their max HP, MP, or TP.
    • Status Theft - Inflicts a single massive random stat down on the target which will leave them at -100.
    • Ability Theft - Resets one ability at random.
  • Scoundrels will randomly use Perfect Dodge and like to spam Faze while running around. Mages should have their backs turned.

KI Camps:

Setups and Strategies:

Tank, RDM/blm, WHM, BLU x2, DD x1
RDM, WHM, BLU x2, DDx2
  • BLU are required so that DDs are able to cap delay. DDs should have no accuracy issues when food or distract are on.
  • RDM uses Saboteur and sleepgas to aggro.
  • DDs go to town on the Pilferer and the RDM debuffs.
    • DDs should defeat any bombs before they go off.
  • Have the RDM and WHM turn their backs to avoid terror from adds waking up and spamming faze. That is about it.
  • Finish with the Scoundrels, Sleep II can start being used over Sleepga to extend sleeping duration.


Agustus Trust, Apururu(U) Trust, WHM, DDx3
  • Enter and attack the scoundrel after buffing. WHM should ensure that Apururu does not die while DDs focus on scoundrel. Afflatus Solace is very useful. Apururu is great for removing stats, but that leaves melees vulnerable while he is casting *-na spells. Did not sleep Pilferer.
  • Switch target to bomb whenever possible.
  • Take out Pilferer when Scoundrel is dead. Again, WHM should ready Cure V for Kibosh and let Apururu deal with status ailments.
  • Multi-step skillchains are key (e.g. we used CDC > Evisc. > Rudra )
  • This setup works, though there are likely better setups.

Volume 2, September 2017, Wyrm

Difficulty Foes Notes
Very Difficult Gudjewg
Difficult Gudjewg
Normal Gudjewg
Easy Gudjewg
Very Easy Gudjewg


Setups and Strategies:

October 2017

Volume 1, October 2017, Qutrub

Difficulty Foes Notes
Very Difficult Bozzetto Bigwig THF/NIN

Gains access to Enforce.
Sudden Lunge gets resisted.

Difficult Bozzetto Bigwig THF/NIN

1st Summoning: Bozetto Astrologer(BLM), Bozetto Tormentor(DRK) x2
2nd Summoning: Bozetto Astrologer(BLM) x2, Bozetto Tormentor(DRK) x2

Susceptible to Sudden Lunge

Normal Bozzetto Bigwig THF/NIN

1st Summoning: Bozetto Astrologer(BLM), Bozetto Tormentor(DRK) x2
2nd Summoning: Bozetto Astrologer(BLM), Bozetto Tormentor(DRK) x2

Easy Bozzetto Bigwig THF/NIN

1st Summoning: Bozetto Astrologer(BLM), Bozetto Tormentor(DRK)
2nd Summoning: Bozetto Astrologer(BLM), Bozetto Tormentor(DRK)

Very Easy Bozzetto Bigwig THF/NIN

1st Summoning: Bozetto Tormentor(DRK)

Does not summon adds at 30%.

Bozetto Bigwig will use the following TP moves:

  • 100~80%
    • Animating Wail, Mangle, Leaping Cleave
  • 80~60%
    • The Bigwig's weapon will break, summons adds, and uses Hex Palm as well as Spinal Cleave.
  • 60~30%
    • The Bigwig equips it's secondary weapon. Gains en-death while adds are out wand will use Unblest Jambiya as well as Gen'ei Ryodan
      • Unblest Jambiya - 15' AoE drain (removes shadows).
      • Gen'ei Ryodan - Conal damage, stun, and a single dispel (removes 5 shadows).
  • 50%
  • 30~0%
    • Weapon beaks again, summons adds, and casts Utsusemi: San frequently. Loses the en-death effect while adds are out and will use Phantom Whorl as well as Enforce (on VD only).
      • The Bigwig may be silenced to stop the Utsusemi spam, but this will require an immunobreak to land.
      • Phantom Whorl - Very high damage single hit attack, absorbed by shadows. Has a short range and is speculated to be Physical Damage damage. Verification Needed
        • This move will generally 1-shot players. It is recommended to shadow tank the NM at around 30% HP and under as even with Indi-Wilt and Damage Taken equipment the move will still do ~3-6k damage.
          • You may also run out of range of this move.
      • Enforce - 15' AoE drain based on the current player's HP. This move can not drain more HP than the player has, and returns more HP than is drained.
        • Frequent use of this on players with high HP will render the Bigwig undefeatable. Players must fight with a lower HP to return less to the Bigwig when it is used.
  • Adds are immune to sleep.
  • Adds will use their respective 1-hour special abilities and standard Qutrub TP moves.
    • The Astrologers will cast typical BLM spells including, T4 nukes, Sleep II, Poisonga, and Ice Spikes.
      • The Astrologers are susceptible to silence.
    • When the Bigwig is at 30% or lower the adds will gain access to a move named Triple Reversal.
      • Triple Reversal - Drains HP from the target based on unknown conditions. This effect can be seen draining over 30,000 HP from a player. The name would lead you to infer it is inflicting back triple damage from something during the fight. Information Needed
  • The rate of activation on the Bigwig's endeath effect increases the more players continue to damage the Bigwig.
    • The effect is removed once the adds have been defeated.

KI Camps:

  • Dvucca Isle Staging Point

Setups and Strategies:
Very Difficult:

  • RDM, BRD, PLD or RUN, BLU or a DD/nin, NIN x2

NINs tank in the corner and the PLD or RUN kites the adds around. Adds will not spawn again at lower HP.

BRD does March, Mad, Mad, Min and keeps elegy up on the Bigwig. Slow (II) from the RDM helps prevent DDs from dying after shadows are wiped.

At 30% when it begins spamming Enforce just let the DDs sit at single digit HP. NINs should toss out some vokes before WSing to keep the lesser shadow DDs from getting eaten by a potential multi attack.

Fight should take around 9 minutes. Keep the kiter alive and it should be easy.



  • Can use similar strategy for Very Difficult. However, reversing the roles also works -- i.e. rather than having the PLD kite the adds, the PLD tanks the adds and someone else with /NIN kites the NM. We found that killing the adds makes the fight much safer (but prolongs the whole fight; limit points and capacity points make for a decent consolation prize, though).
  • BRD should double March and Madrigal until the adds pop. Switch to double March and Hymnus for the pops. Make sure to silence (easy to land) the Astrologer. PLD should try to grab hate on all the adds. At this point, someone (RDM) should kite the main NM. A simple weapon skill should be enough (or self-light using CDC if you need even more damage) to get the NM's attention. Elegy, Slow II, and Paralyze II should make the kiting process super easy (esp. with /NIN sub). BRD can then switch to double March and Minuet to kill the adds once the NM is away. The adds can be easily dispatched with double-light skillchains or better (we had BLU, SAM, WAR, and used four-step skillchains). With the NM being kited, the BRD can easily main heal (not much healing needed for /NIN).
  • When the second set of adds pop, use double March and Hymnus for safety until the NM is separated from the adds. Then switch to double March and Madrigal (or Minuet). If BRD can play more than 3 songs, even better. Same strategy as above. Use Troubador/Nightingale to speed this part up and get back to the NM.


NIN or DD/NIN (x3), BRD, SMN, Apururu(U)

  • Very safe strategy
  • March x2 + Hymnus to help with Utsusemi recast; Hymnus is just in case the main NM sneaks in a move during recast of shadows so we don't have to deal with raising mid-fight or MP issues. If you can cast more than 3 songs, have at it.
  • When adds pop, whichever DD has hate kites NM while the others focus on Astrologer. The SMN then focuses on the Tormentor.
  • When adds are dead, group back up on the NM.
  • SMN can probably be replaced by 4th DD who would kite Tormentor until the Astrologer is down. SMN can optionally do spike damage on NM during kiting phase so that the DD kiting the NM can rejoin in taking down the adds.

Volume 2, October 2017, Undead

Difficulty Foes Notes
Very Difficult Lancer Jack

3 rounds of adds; first set consists of three skeletons, followed by three hounds, and end with three ghosts. Easily slept with lullaby.

Difficult Lancer Jack
Normal Lancer Jack
Easy Lancer Jack
Very Easy Lancer Jack


  • Uses polearm weaponskills.
  • Will summon undead adds throughout the fight.

Setups and Strategies:

November 2017

Volume 1, November 2017, Poroggo

Difficulty Foes Notes
Very Difficult Bozzetto Necronura

Casts Firega, Waterga IV , and -ja as well Kaustra
Gains access to Death under certain conditions.

Difficult Bozzetto Necronura

Casts Fire and Water V and -ga III as well as Impact and Kaustra

Normal Bozzetto Necronura

Casts Fire and Water V and -ga III as well as Impact

Easy Bozzetto Necronura

Casts Fire and Water IV / V as well as Impact

Very Easy Bozzetto Necronura

Casts Fire and Water III / IV

Bozzetto Necronura:

  • Immune to Gravity, Stun, and Geomancer Luopans.
  • Most susceptible to Element: Thunder.
  • Casts Fire and Water spells based on the tier of the fight, and uses Chainspell.
  • Summons 5 Frog adds after the use of Providence, each one with an en-effect on their melee such as slow or paralyze.
    • These adds must be defeated even after the boss is defeated.
    • These adds may be slept, stunned, bound, and weighed down.
  • Seems to only begin casting Kaustra or Impact at under ~50%. Is able to use these spells multiple times.
  • Gains access to death on VD under unknown conditions. So far using Larceny to steal Chainspell in runs has reported seeing it cast afterwards. Information Needed

Bozzetto Necronura TP Moves:

  • Frog Cheer - Gains an AoE Defense Boost and Regain Verification Needed. This defense boost overwrites, and prevents Defense Down effects such as Angon.
  • Frog Song - Inflicts AoE gravity on players instead of charm
  • Magic Hammer - Single target Element: Light, inflicts magic damage and magic defense down effect.
  • Providence - Recovers a HP and summons adds, not HP dependent so it may not be used if you are lucky. Will wake up sleeping adds within 30' if reused. Possibly removes debuffs as well. Verification Needed
  • Quenching Hammer - AoE (~30') Damage, Full Dispel, and Aspir. Damage is increased based on number of buffs on targets including Runes and Geomancer spells.
    Excludes food, Maneuvers, and SP Abilities.
    • This move is only used if either RUN, PLD, DRK, or BLU are in the party or the player has songs, rolls, or geomancy bubbles on.
  • Water Bomb - AoE Element: Water magic damage, inflicts attack and magic attack down.

KI Camps:

Setups and Strategies:
Very Difficult:


  • RDM does dia and distract, PUP tanks. Wait for a spell to go off, then Astral Conduit with Ramuh and kill it. One minute clears, go reset 1Hs in Abyssea or MMM and feel good that you beat FFXI.


  • Buff up, Overdrive, and stand in a corner until victory.


NIN/run or /war or WAR/run, DNC, DRG or SAM (or just DD x2 and SC together), RDM/blm, WHM, SMN

  • WHM uses barwatera, SMN buffs with blessing, warcry, shroud, hastega, etc. RDM should inundation, dia, distract, paralyze, etc, dispel defense boost, reapply buffs etc.
NIN or WAR tanks and doesn't interrupt SCs if they are going on or just becomes part of the SC rotation. DNC uses steps, DRG uses angon, and can spam darkness with rudras and stardiver or create a multistep if they choose, rudras would double dark off the same WSs, DRG needs aeonic to double dark off rudras to star and vice versa.
Players should survive Chainspell fine with buffs and healing on D, Sacrosanctity is a plus, but the WHM has to cure well. A DT hybrid set or MDT set should be used. If/when Providence is used, the NIN should pop Pflug (/run) or Warcry to gain hate, and the RDM sleepgas. The frog should go down pretty fast depending on your DDs and if you are skillchaining well. The worst thing that can happen aside from all that is if the NM keeps using Providence as controlling adds will get a bit crazy.
Accuracy requirements are low, even on VD. DDs with 1250 acc are pretty much capped it seems, use attack food or Miso Ramen.
Same strategy works on VD if the players are well geared. Advisable to let the DDs have the NM after adds are called and let the WAR or NIN control adds away from the NM so providence won't wake them up as multiple providence uses can cause things to go downhill quickly as WAR or NIN/run cant control hate well in that situation. Work something out, but adds silence/paraing the WHM can ruin things, especially during Chainspell.
SC Suggestion: Rudra's StormUpheaval or Blade: Shun or Flaming Crush (fusion) → Stardiver (gravitation) → Rudra's Storm (darkness). You can close umbra with another Stardiver from an Aeonic DRG or a Blade: Hi for double dark.





  • With some fast DDing you can take the frog down really quickly. Chainspell will hurt though.

Volume 2, November 2017, Dvergr

Difficulty Foes Notes
Very Difficult Ronove
Difficult Ronove
Normal Ronove
Easy Ronove
Very Easy Ronove


  • Spawns multiple tomes as soon as the battle commences. These tomes do not attack, and it is unknown what they do.
    • Defeating a tome will see it respawned.
    • Tomes are susceptible to sleepga.
    • Only Ronove must be defeated to win.

Setups and Strategies:

December 2017

Volume 1, December 2017, Meeble

Difficulty Foes Notes
Very Difficult Bozzetto Breadwinner
Difficult Bozzetto Breadwinner
Normal Bozzetto Breadwinner
Easy Bozzetto Breadwinner
Very Easy Bozzetto Breadwinner

No Housekeeper; no Urchins

Bozzetto Breadwinner:

  • Summons 1-3 Bozzetto Urchins throughout the fight.
    • These can be slept with Lullaby.
    • These will eventually use Hundred Fists and Souleater. Sleep doesnt seem to stop that? Verification Needed
    • If silenced, Breadwinner "has difficulty calling out to its allies." Suspected that Silence prevents the Urchins from spawning. WHM or GEO with a magic accuracy set is suggested for landing Silence.
    • Urchins are strong but have low HP. 1 good weapon skill should be enough to take one out, 2 at the most.
  • At some point in the battle, Bozetto Housemaker will run out from it's corner/edge, TP move the party, and run back (usually well below 50% on Bozzetto Breadwinner)
    • Uses Earthshaker, which deals 1000 damage per player hit by it (this includes pets, trusts, and luopans).
    • Ignores mitigation. Has a significant charge time so possible for everyone to escape its AoE. Also has an additional effect of paralyze (very potent).
    • Once the Housemaker comes out, it will continue to run back in at semi-regular intervals to use the same move. Speculated to be triggered based on time elapsed. Verification Needed
    • Barspells will negate the dmg and status effects of the Boss if corresponding to the used WS: Freezing Warble = Barblizzara etc. Potency of Barspell doesnt't seem to matter. Verification Needed
    • Bozzetto Housemaker will always target whoever has the most "hate" from casting AoE Barspells. Have one person be dedicated to using Barspells on the party (best if done by support job using /WHM and not the main healer). Make sure to have someone else use Paralyna on this person because the paralyze effect is very potent.

Setups and Strategies:
Very Difficult: WHM/SCH, BRD, GEO (Idris), RUN/SAM, DDx2

  • BRD Buffs, depending on what they have, honor and advancing march, mad x2.
  • GEO uses Frailty and torpor depending on the DDs acc. Better to go with fury and two mads than torpor and min x1. Entrust wilt.
  • RUN tanks and DDs, save battuta for the fisting.
    • If your RUN sucks then you should just do D instead of VD.
      • I was averaging ~20k reso with crap/no food and Epeolatry.
  • DDs fight. SCing is cool, but it is fine to just go balls to the wall.
  • WHM or GEO should keep the mob silenced. This is important to limit any adds.
    • Esuna or more conveniently Yagrush the debuffs off.
  • The WHM needs to run if/when the Housekeeper runs at them. Damage from it's TP move is 1k per player in range.
    • The target can't outrange it, but you can prevent it from hitting anyone else.
  • Fight with well geared players should take ~4-6 minutes.


  • BRD uses Nightingale/Troubadour: March, Minuet X2, Madrigal for melees and Ballad X3 for mages at the start of the battle
    • Once the battle begins, BRD's duty switches to Barspell duty.
    • When Housekeeper comes, BRD runs away from the group.
  • WHM should use Afflatus Misery and Esuna if Warble happens to land. Erase to remove HP-down from Drill Claw
  • GEO should help w/ Erase and cures after GEO spells are done. Paralyna on BRD after Earthshaker? goes off. Good M.Acc set needed to silence the Breadwinner.
  • Fight near the starting location; everyone should be in range of barspells.
  • Only one person should focus on barspells so that your party knows who the Housekeeper will target.
  • If Urchins pop, kill them fast; BRD should obviously sleep them.
  • Sub-duties for BRD and GEO can be swapped if one person happens to be more capable of catching the Warble move better than the other.

Volume 2, December 2017, Harpeia

Difficulty Foes Notes
Very Difficult Ibong Adarna
Difficult Ibong Adarna
Normal Ibong Adarna
Easy Ibong Adarna
Very Easy Ibong Adarna


Setups and Strategies:

January 2018

Volume 1, January 2018, Mamool Ja

Difficulty Foes Notes
Very Difficult Bozzetto Autarch (NIN)

Bozzetto Lancer (DRG)
Bozzetto Protector (PLD)
Bozzetto Moraingist (BRD/MNK)
Bozzetto Erudite (BLM)

3-4 SC procs to remove aura

Difficult Bozzetto Autarch (NIN)

Bozzetto Lancer (DRG)
Bozzetto Protector (PLD)
Bozzetto Moraingist (BRD/MNK)
Bozzetto Erudite (BLM)

2 SC procs to remove aura

Normal Bozzetto Autarch (NIN)

Bozzetto Lancer (DRG)
Bozzetto Protector (PLD)
Bozzetto Moraingist (BRD/MNK)
Bozzetto Erudite (BLM)

1 SC proc to remove aura

Easy Bozzetto Autarch (NIN)

Bozzetto Lancer (DRG)
Bozzetto Protector (PLD)
Bozzetto Moraingist (BRD/MNK)
Bozzetto Erudite (BLM)

1 SC proc to remove aura

Very Easy Bozzetto Autarch (NIN)

Bozzetto Lancer (DRG)
Bozzetto Protector (PLD)
Bozzetto Moraingist (BRD/MNK)
Bozzetto Erudite (BLM)

1 SC proc to remove aura


  • Enemies will use their TP moves as a counter to magical damage being inflicted or offensive magic (such as DoTs) being cast on them.

Bozzetto Autarch:

  • High defense and evasion.
  • Posses a high -DT effect. This effect is reduced each time an aura from one of the other Mamools is removed.
  • Uses Mijin Gakure, which is capable of doing upwards of 99,999 damage to players.
    • Mijin Gakure will be used after the Autarch performs the elemental Ninjutsu wheel. (Fire-NIN-Icon.gif Katon → Water-NIN-Icon.gifThunder-NIN-Icon.gifEarth-NIN-Icon.gifWind-NIN-Icon.gifIce-NIN-Icon.gif Hyoton)
      • The wheel is performed at 75% → 50% → 25% → 15/10%? Verification Needed
        • The Autarch will not skip a cycle if it's HP drops off below another tier and then DPS stops. Each hp % will be carried out.
    • You may prevent access to Mijin Gakure by removing the aura from the Autarch.
      • Aura is removed via Light SC Icon.png Light or Dark SC Icon.png Dark skillchains.
    • If the player with hate runs out of range the Autarch will draw them in again.
  • Has all Ninjutsu spells (Including Utsusemi: San).
  • Uses the following TP Moves:
    • Decussate: AoE TP move (absorbed by 2 shadows)
    • Miasma: AoE Poison TP move (removes shadows) and causes Plague (MP/TP drain)
    • Tyranic Blare: Conal TP move (absorbs up to 5 shadows)
    • Hemotoxin Wheel: Single Target TP move, deals heavy damage.
      • Autarch's counter TP move to magic.

Other Mamools:

  • Each Mamool has an aura which may be removed by either critical hits or the correct form of skillchain damage.
    • Critical hits are an easier, but less reliable way to remove auras.
      • Every critical hit or skillchain regardless of the damage inflicted has a chance. Thus you may proc during Invincible.
    • Performing a skillchain while the enemy is not performing an action seems to increase the proc rate significantly. Time the closing weaponskill.
    • Auras will return after a certain time if the monster is not defeated.
    • Enemies will use their TP moves as a counter to magical damage being inflicted upon them.
      • Excludes runes, en-spells, spikes, etc.
      • Includes magical weaponskills.
      • Will not counter while their aura is down. Verification Needed
  • Lancer (DRG) - Summons 3 wyvern pets upon engaging. All 3 wyverns despawn when Lancer is defeated.
  • Protector (PLD) - Immune to sleep and uses Invincible.
    • TP Moves:
      • Cyclonic Flame: Conal Magical Damage Element: Fire fire damage. Additional effect silence and amnesia.
      • Blazing Angon: strong AoE Magical Damage Element: Fire fire damage.
    • Aura is removed via Gravitation SC Icon.png Gravitation skillchain.
  • Moraingist (MNK/BRD) - Uses Hundred Fists.
    • Hydroshot will reset hate.
    • Aura is removed via Fragmentation SC Icon.png Fragmentation skillchain.
  • Erudite (BLM/WHM) - Immune to silence. Low HP and defense, uses Manafont.
    • Favors Shock Spikes.
    • Has access to Elemental Seal, Poisonga, Paralyga, Slowga, Blindga, Graviga, Sleepga II, and Bindga in addition to the usual high tier Elemental magic.
    • Aura is removed via Fusion SC Icon.png Fusion skillchain.

Setups and Strategies:
Very Difficult:

  • PLD, DD/NIN X2 or NIN X2, WHM, BRD, COR or GEO
    • BRD buffs with March X2 and Minuet (or Madrigal if needed), COR or GEO does their usual buffs, WHM should buff Barvira and Barfira.
    • RR items are very helpful and a must only for BRD (use /WHM).
    • PLD pulls and waits for wyverns to pop to before spiking hate. BRD uses Horde for crowd control.
    • Kill order should be PLD > DRG > MNK (fish) > BLM > Boss
    • WHM needs to have continuous Poison until BLM is dead to counter Sleepga. Afflatus Solace helps for adds phase, but Misery could arguably be better for the boss to prevent TP/MP loss from Plague
    • BRD should stay well away from PT during boss phase in case of Mijin so that they can RR and quickly horde the boss for recovery.
    • Use Dark and Light skillchains to remove auras (use appropriate SC based on aura color).
    • When the PLD mamool uses Invincible, hate can go crazy (most likely to go after BRD due to entrance buffs and horde) so use PDT set. PLD should stay put, while hate target should move into position for Cover.
    • Do not cast on the boss when it is awake; feel free to cast if he is slept. (Not sure if this applies to BRD songs aside from Horde.) Before fighting the boss, sleep it and Finale it completely before engaging. Use appropriate Light/Dark SC based on aura. If boss uses Mijin, BRD should RR and immediately Horde while WHM raises PT.



Volume 2, January 2018, Avatar

Difficulty Foes Notes
Very Difficult Bozzetto Fenrir & Bozzetto Carbuncle
Difficult Bozzetto Fenrir & Bozzetto Carbuncle
Normal Bozzetto Fenrir & Bozzetto Carbuncle
Easy Bozzetto Fenrir & Bozzetto Carbuncle
Very Easy Bozzetto Fenrir & Bozzetto Carbuncle


  • Fenrir absorbs Dark Element: Dark elemental damage (includes en-effect and skillchains) and is weak against Light Element: Light elemental damage.
  • Carbuncle absorbs Light Element: Light elemental damage (includes en-effect and skillchains) and is weak against Dark Element: Dark elemental damage.
  • Both Avatars have access to the full range of their special moves, including their Astral Flow abilities. (Searing Light seems to average 800+ dmg to everyone in range on normal difficulty.)
    • Fenrir and Carbuncle use their Astral Flow abilities multiple times throughout the battle with usage becoming more frequent as their health declines.

Setups and Strategies:

February 2018

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