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Additional Seal Battlefield Spoils Campaign

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This event ran during the following campaigns:

During this event, KCNM and HKCNM enemies will have expanded potential drops upon defeat, including:

Note: If all party members have the Rare tagged item that would have dropped, the slot will not load.

  • Like the Pixie Earring from King Behemoth, this will cause certain slots to not load if everyone already has items such as the scroll or Rare event gear instead of "forcing" a different result.

Slot 1: Any one of Mog Garden or Rare event items...

Slot 2: Any one of...

Slot 3 & 4: Any two of...

  • Scrolls (Ancient Magic, Phalanx, Indi Spells, Bar Spells, Utsusemi:Ni, Raise III, Thundara III, Aerora II, etc.)
    • Note: Can drop two of the same rare spells at once if at least one person does not have the scroll in inventory.

Slot 5: Any one of...

  • "Valuable synthesis materials" according to SE, such as:
    • Urunday Log, Saffron Blossom, Midrium Ore, Ruszor Meat, Cerberus Meat, Dragon Meat, Agaricus Mushroom, Adoulian Kelp, Verboshroom, Black Sole, Dogwood Log, Vanadium Ore

Slot 6 & 7: Any one of...

  • Phobos Orb 30 Seal KCNM: Two individual materials needed to craft +2 Empyrean Armor or a pouch of WoE Coins/Liminal Residue/Devious Dice.
  • Deimos Orb 50 Seal KCNM and HKCNM: Chance of unique drop (Voidwatch/Legion Abjurations or Hexed Gear/Currency) for the Zone and no materials or a single drop of materials needed to craft +2 Empyrean Armor
    • Note: The Dragon Scales enemies will drop two materials or one material, one abjuration as there are only 2 enemies instead of 4. An enemy could therefore possibly drop two abjurations at once. Verification Needed

Note that Promyvion KCNM battlefields are not included in this event.

KCNM - Kindred's Crests

Phobos Orb icon.png Phobos Orb

Note: Only the main target enemy will have extra direct drops, the other enemies will despawn on defeat of the main target.

Zone Name Members
Horlais Peak Kindergarten Cap 3
Waughroon Shrine The Palborough Project 3
Balga's Dais The V Formation 3

Deimos Orb icon.png Deimos Orb

Zone Name Members Enemies Unique Drop
Horlais Peak Last Orc-Shunned Hero 6 4 Corvine Abjurations
Waughroon Shrine Shell Shocked 6 4 Supernal Abjurations
Balga's Dais Avian Apostates 6 4 Transitory Abjurations
Chamber of Oracles Dragon Scales 6 2 Foreboding Abjurations
Sacrificial Chamber Whom Wilt Thou Call 6 4 Lenitive Abjurations

HKCNM - High Kindred's Crests

Zelos Orb icon.png Zelos Orb

Note: Only the main target enemy in Antagonistic Ambuscade will have extra direct drops.

Zone Name Members Enemies
Boneyard Gully Antagonistic Ambuscade 6 5
Bearclaw Pinnacle Taurassic Park 6 5

Bia Orb icon.png Bia Orb

Note: Only the main target enemy in Nest of Nightmares will have extra direct drops.

Note: Only the two Bugbear enemies in The Mobline Comedy will have extra direct drops.

Zone Name Members Enemies Unique Drop
Mine Shaft #2716 The Mobline Comedy 6 10 Relic/Mythic/Empyrean Currency singles and 100-pieces/pouches
Monarch Linn Nest of Nightmares 6 5 Hexed and -1 Hexed Items

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