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The History of Penfifteen

About Me

  • Hi, I occasionally contribute minor edits regarding missions and older content.
  • Created satirical anime parodies about one of Funkworkz's linkshells while awaiting his eponymously-named project.
  • Likely the most adorable Tarutaru across all servers.

About Us

  • Sylph server, established circa 2012.
  • Mostly active during EST evenings.
  • Reciting the syllables of each of Creelo's mules, ordered alphabetically by name, backwards banishes him to Mordion Gaol for 24 hours.
    • But he returns twice as strong.

PEN Series

  • Available on Google Drive; see individual links below.
  • Shorter videos featuring anime from interstellar and post-apocalyptic settings.
  • Mostly disjoint videos barring for PEN3 and PEN4.
  • Disclaimer: The following videos might contain fictional events, relationships, and conflicts. Viewer discretion is advised regarding anime spoilers.
PEN Series
Video Anime Release Date Length Translation Source(s) Synopsis Notes
PEN01 Gundam Thunderbolt, Episode 4 July 2019 6:46 Sunrise Penfifteen of Sylph struggles against a new Ambuscade foe: The Earth Federation Sahagin Force. Can Takutu defeat his BRD archrival? Or are they destined to kill each other? Because only BRDs can simulate beam rifle noises: pew, pew, pew!
PEN02 Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, Episode 1 April 2020 2:53 Sunrise Penfifteen faces The Coalition in a Ballista Royale match. Can Warden infiltrate enemy lines in a daring, keymonk mission? Or have their rivals achieved the status of alpha linkshell? Someone attempts to make new friends.
PEN03 Fist of the North Star, Season 1 November 2020 4:51 Toei Animation, hokuto man Gippo and his Coalition forces counterattack along all fronts, subjugating most of Penfifteen into servitude. Can Stanis and Creelo stymie Gippo's advance and liberate their linkshell?
PEN3 Remake Fist of the North Star, Season 1 March 2021 7:05 Samir755 The Coalition subjugates most of Penfifteen into servitude and braces for an upcoming counterattack. Can Stanis and Creelo stymie Gippo's advance and liberate their linkshell? Replacement for videos #2 and #3.
PEN04 Fist of the North Star, Season 1 March 2021 12:18 Samir755, Hokuto Renkitōza The Coalition reforms under a charismatic new leader while Barddak rouses Penfifteen sympathizers from within. Can Sylph handle yet another earth-shattering linkshell showdown?
PEN04 Epilogue Fist of the North Star, Season 1 March 2021 2:31 Samir755 Creelo rises from the dead and confronts the legendary von Dupe over grave mistakes. Will Takutu and Reain finally make their entrance? Just for you, Creelo!

The Legend of Takutu

  • Now available on YouTube in up to 1080p.
  • An entire anime series featuring animal spirits, Buddhist themes, and transformation sequences.
  • Multiple ways to romanize the mantras used. I have attempted to avoid diacritics, hyphens, and style guides.
    • e.g.) Namaḥ samanta vajrānāṃ               [Sanskrit]
    • e.g.) Nōmaku sanmanda bazarada(n)      [Shingon pronuncation]
    • e.g.) Namaku samanda basaranan           [Tendai pronunciation]
    • e.g.) Naumaku sanmanda basaradan       [Video example]
  • If anyone wants to help and feels confident in translating Japanese, French, Hindi, and/or Indonesian, leave a note.
    • As far as I can tell, this series never had subtitles on the original Japanese release on LaserDisc.
  • Disclaimer: The following videos might contain fictional events, relationships, and conflicts. Viewer discretion is advised regarding anime spoilers.
LOT Series
Video Anime Release Date Length Translation Source(s) Synopsis Notes
LOT01 Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato, Season 1 May 2021 17:44 Arcadia, Xpaulinho, Yani NP In the red, we have Takutu the Unremarkable. And in the white, Gobbo the Gallant. They have trained together since childhood, but now they must fight. Creelo's Style Points: 1
LOT02 Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato, Season 1 May 2021 18:51 Arcadia, Xpaulinho Welcome to Reisenjima Palace. My name is Taree. We Sylph gods maintain peace on Vana'diel. However, while we maintain peace, others seek to destroy it.
LOT03 Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato, Season 1 May 2021 18:41 Arcadia, Xpaulinho Perhaps Takutu deceived Reain. Certainly a possibility. If my former friend must die, then let me execute him!
LOT04 Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato, Season 1 May 2021 19:54 Arcadia, Xpaulinho Takutu lacks refinement. His sohma has not fully awakened. Without it, any of the Sylph Eight could defeat him. Logo design from here
LOT05 Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato, Season 1 July 2021 16:29 Arcadia, Xpaulinho You would deploy Viralphrame instead of the Sylph Eight? Relax, little one. Master Creelo is thinking. Creelo's Style Points: 2
LOT06 Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato, Season 1 July 2021 10:27 Arcadia, Xpaulinho, Yani NP With Lady Taree now petrified, Vana'diel suffers greatly. A plague now spreads across the land. There must be a cure! Creelo's Style Points: 3
LOT07 Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato, Season 1 July 2021 21:07 Arcadia, Xpaulinho After creating countless manuscripts, Funkworkz attained a state of nihility. He can now conceal his sohma. Funkworkz?! How did you get here?
LOT08 Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato, Season 1 July 2021 21:41 Arcadia, Xpaulinho We are headed to the island of Tu'Lia. If we awaken the four holy lights, the gate to Reisenjima will open. People call it the "Gate of the Gods." Creelo's Style Points: 4
LOT09 Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato, Season 1 October 2021 21:51 Arcadia, Xpaulinho, Yani NP Such weak sohma cannot harm Hara King Barddak. Witness how a real Sylph Eight member fights. Hey, mister, over here! Barddak, sweetie, this way! Thank you, Lina.
LOT10 Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato, Season 1 October 2021 19:28 Arcadia, Xpaulinho Training? No DRK requires training. Arriving on Vana'diel merely sharpened my skills. And by my guiding hand, Vana'diel shall know annihilation.
LOT11 Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato, Season 1 October 2021 21:47 Arcadia, Xpaulinho, Tokusatsu BR Two years prior, the markets flooded and threatened all of Sylph. With his powerful sohma, Tosaka contained the floods and prevented a calamity. Do you recall how Lord Tosaka saved the world? Yeah! Nice! Great! Splendid!
LOT12 Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato, Season 1 October 2021 21:50 Arcadia, Xpaulinho Where is Creelo? Not at the training grounds? Is he training alone? No way, Creelo takes things easy. Creelo's Style Points: 5
LOT13 Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato, Season 1 October 2021 21:19 Arcadia, Xpaulinho Do you remember, Gobbo? We studied martial arts together. But if he sees our teamwork, Gobbo will… Whenever Gobbo smiles, ________ disappears.
LOT14 Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato, Season 1 January 2022 21:12 Arcadia, Xpaulinho The traitors have already breached Reisenjima. I dispatched all the men to intercept anyone with a lion's murti. Release Miss Eeke and surrender!
LOT15 Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato, Season 1 January 2022 21:48 Arcadia, Xpaulinho I will use the Fountain of Kings. At the age of sixteen, Curilla sent her sohma into the fountain and bestowed her lover Trion with earth-shattering strength.
LOT16 Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato, Season 1 January 2022 21:25 Arcadia, Xpaulinho That is right. Those with dark sohma will rule Vana'diel. All of you Sylph denizens shall disappear. I will send you six feet under.
LOT17 Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato, Season 1 January 2022 21:27 Arcadia, Xpaulinho I am Trailokya Queen Lynh. You should rejoice. Even the heavens are jealous of my beauty. Insert noblewoman's laugh.
LOT18 Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato, Season 1 January 2022 20:18 Arcadia, Xpaulinho Rehashing the same explanation from yesterday? What rubbish. Tainaya, change the channel. Fine.
LOT19 Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato, Season 1 January 2022 21:23 Arcadia, Xpaulinho Takutu seems pitiful and anxious over some woman. He is lovesick over some girl. That Smokari fellow sure knows some crazy chicks. Aijin's flower buddy.


LOT Glossary
English Romaji Japanese Definition
murti veda(s) バルダ Totem statues carried by the warrior caste
sohma sōma 光流 Magical energy required for various techniques
shakti shakuti 神甲冑 A murti in battle armor configuration
vahana varda / valuda ヴェーダ A murti in flying mount configuration

Cast Appearances

  • Click "Expand" to reveal table (and spoilers) below if desired.
  • Major Appearances are episodes where a character has multiple scenes and/or several lines of cumulative dialogue.
  • Minor Appearances are episodes where a character has limited dialogue and/or is referred only.
  • Note: Highly recommended to watch episodes #1 and #2 for major plot points.
LOT Cast Appearances
Character Job(s) Major Appearances Minor Appearances Notes
Takutu THF/PLD Almost All 10-12 Sylph Eight's Demigod King
Reain MNK 2-4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13-17 1, 5, 12, 19 Sylph Eight's Deva King
Warden DRG 3, 4, 7, 10, 13-17 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11-12, 19 Sylph Eight's Naga King
Creelo COR 2, 5, 7, 8, 11-19 1, 3, 4, 6, 10 Sylph Eight's Garuda King
Gobbo DRK 1, 2, 10, 13 3-9, 11-12, 18-19 Sylph Eight's Yaksha King
Barddak WAR 7, 9 2-6, 8, 11, 12, 18 Sylph Eight's Hara King
Oheyo RNG 4, 6, 10, 11 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 12, 14 Sylph Eight's Kinnara Queen
Funkworkz SCH 7, 11, 12 2-6, 8, 10 Sylph Eight's Gandharva King
Shadowlina WHM Almost All 6, 10-12 Priestess
Taree WHM 2, 9, 12 1, 3-8, 10, 11, 13-19 High Priestess
Carrisa SMN/RNG 15 3, 4, 8 Saraswati Queen / Secret agent
Fugiwara BRD/NIN 15 3, 4, 8 Ucchusma King / Secret agent
Aijin RDM 6 10, 11 Reain's childhood friend
Toth GEO N/A 4 Oheyo's retainer
Truckie DRK N/A 4 Oheyo's retainer
Viralphrame PUP 5 N/A Assassin
FaeQueenCory RUN N/A 7, 18 Enslaved Asuran god
Stanis GEO 8 N/A Creelo's protégé
Auraborealis N/A N/A 13 Funkworkz's sister
Eeke DNC 14 N/A Oheyo's sister
Dadian N/A N/A 14 Kazham elder
Sgttrainbike WAR N/A 14 Sylph Army sergeant
Smokari BST 15-16 14, 17 Unholy Trinity's Kundali King
Lynh GEO 17-19 14-16 Unholy Trinity's Trailokya Queen
Armandan BLU/BLM TBD 14-17, 19 Unholy Trinity's Acala King
Kitsyana N/A N/A 17 Gobbo's sister
Tainaya N/A 18-19 17 Takutu's sister
Dimitrious SAM/MNK 17-19 N/A Takutu's grandfather
Tosaka BLM 2, 8, 11, 12 1, 3-7, 13-15, 17, 19 Asuran Twelve's Lightning Emperor

Revision Log

  • Details post-release changes and script alterations, primarily for those who watched the first thirteen episodes prior to the January 2022 update.
  • While I do not speak Japanese or the other foreign languages used, I felt Arcadia's scripts were not as granular (or accurate) in some areas, at least as far as I can interpret via romaji.
    • Xpaulinho catches a few of her errors in his videos, but still uses her scripts as a primary source, similar to me.
  • Ultimately, the subtitles will only provide a rough interpretation of the nuances, idioms, and meanings behind the actual Japanese used.
LOT Revision Log
Episode Actor Timestamp Change Date New Old Notes
1 Announcer 1:07 Dec. 2021 Let the Junior Martial Arts preliminary finals begin! Let the Junior Martial Arts championship finals begin! Arcadia.
1 Takutu 1:50 Dec. 2021 I have 138 fangirls. You have 139. We have both reached thirty fangirls this month. Xpaulinho catches this error in episode 17.
1 Takutu 1:52 Dec. 2021 Time to match you, Gobbo! It is time for a tiebreaker, Gobbo! Tied to above.
1 Takutu 12:55 Dec. 2021 Gobbo, are you jealous over how I matched your fangirls? Gobbo, are you jealous over how I won the fangirl competition? Tied to above.
2 Creelo 1:52 Dec. 2021 Shut up! Silence! Be quiet! Silence! Silence! You are too scandalous! Arcadia is slightly more accurate than Xpaulinho.
2 Takutu 2:53 Dec. 2021 General of the gods? Gods? General? Technically, "Commander of the gods"
2 Creelo 6:58 Dec. 2021 Reain's friend and the strongest of the Sylph Eight. The strongest man of the Sylph Eight. My fault.
2 Gobbo 15:21 Dec. 2021 Lord Tosaka, let me execute Takutu. Lord Tosaka, I shall execute Takutu.
3 Reain 4:47 Dec. 2021 We must return to the palace post-haste and gather the Sylph Eight to defeat Tosaka. We have to return to the palace and gather the Sylph Eight to defeat Tosaka. My fault.
3 Warden 11:54 Dec. 2021 Lightning reflexes and rapid-learning capabilities. Perhaps he once lived as a programmer. Lightning reflexes and rapid-learning capabilities, he might have been a programmer in his previous lifetime. Audio was too short for original.
3 Narrator 18:31 Dec. 2021 By drawing parallels, Takutu prevents Warden and Reain from following Gobbo’s footsteps. By drawing parallels, Takutu prevents Warden and Reain from becoming like Gobbo.
4 Warden 11:54 Dec. 2021 Any of the Sylph Eight could defeat that creature... Any of the Sylph Eight could defeat that monster... Original dialogue was a bit more ambigious.
4 Shadowlina 18:31 Dec. 2021 You will not survive on Vana'diel if a creature like that scares you. You will not survive on Vana'diel if a monster like that scares you. Tied to above.
5 Takutu 2:13 Dec. 2021 I have never liked snakes and lizards! I detest snakes and lizards.
5 Gobbo 3:23 Dec. 2021 Lord Tosaka dispatched an elite assassin. I will use him. Viralphrame is an elite assassin. Lord Tosaka bade his deployment. Audio was too short for original.
5 Tosaka 5:15 Dec. 2021 Even now the Sylph Eight battle amongst themselves. What a pity. It was I, Tosaka, who turned you to stone. Even now, the Sylph Eight battle one another, unaware that I petrified you into stone. Arcadia.
5 Creelo 5:55 Dec. 2021 I have to find Reain's group! I have to find Reain! My fault.
5 Takutu 6:17 Dec. 2021 Why could Lady Taree not teleport us closer to Reisenjima? Why could Lady Taree not teleport us closer to Reisenjima Palace? My fault.
5 Narrator 16:14 Dec. 2021 Takutu begrudgingly accepted a new member into his party. Welcome, Creelo the Handsome. And so Takutu begrudgingly accepted Creelo the Handsome on his journey.
6 Aijin 4:19 Dec. 2021 After travelling malms, this is my greeting? After travelling so far, this is my greeting?
6 Creelo 4:33 Dec. 2021 They trained and grew up together. They grew up together. Audio was too short for previous line.
6 Aijin 7:09 Dec. 2021 Oheyo, end... my suffering. End... my suffering.
7 Reain 3:37 Dec. 2021 Locate the inner sanctum. Find it post-haste. We are looking for the inner sanctum. My fault.
7 Barddak 12:46 Dec. 2021 I prefer it when the enemy retaliates. I enjoy it when the enemy retaliates.
7 Creelo 18:01 Dec. 2021 Very well. Worth a shot. Audio was a bit short for "Let us do it."
8 Reain 3:03 Dec. 2021 In other words... Vana'diel and Earth are separate worlds that synchronize with one another. Like two sides of a mirror. While Vana'diel and Earth appear disjointed, they are actually mirror worlds. Third line could be, "Earth is like a bubble world."
8 Creelo 5:16 Dec. 2021 ...unreasonable, reckless, irresponsible, and thoughtless. ...careless, lazy, irresponsible, immature, and brash. Arcadia.
8 Creelo 5:19 Dec. 2021 Immature people are surprising, but if you need a role model, look no further. A kid's life suits you. Tied to above.
8 Creelo 6:11 Dec. 2021 How can you fool around when we have urgent priorities, Takutu? How can you fool around when we are trying to save Vana'diel? My fault.
8 Takutu 6:17 Dec. 2021 Is it really a bad idea? What? Can I not have a little fun? Arcadia.
8 Takutu 6:19 Dec. 2021 The enemy has not arrived, so we can relax! There are no enemies around here. Tied to above.
9 Shadowlina 5:33 Dec. 2021 Barbaric. Too barbaric. This is too cruel.
9 Barddak 6:19 Dec. 2021 Great, this is my favorite part about fighting. I should not be a stooge! Excellent, I really am the strongest here. Arcadia.
9 Barddak 6:32 Dec. 2021 Then I will travel to Reisenjima Palace and protect Sylph as a soldier. Then I will travel to Reisenjima Palace and protect Vana'diel. My fault.
9 Barddak 6:38 Dec. 2021 The day came when I was called to Reisenjima Palace as a cadet. The day came when I was inducted into Reisenjima Palace. Tied to above.
9 Warden 12:27 Dec. 2021 Be civil and stand down. Now stand down.
9 Shadowlina 16:25 Dec. 2021 I am not afraid of someone who knows only brute strength. I am not afraid. You only understand brute strength. Audio was too short for original.
10 Oheyo 6:57 Dec. 2021 He betrayed Vana'diel by allying with you! He betrayed Lord Tosaka by allying with you! The original is more accurate, but I changed the Aijin subplot.
10 Warden 10:49 Dec. 2021 ...the greater the odds my comrades will reach Reisenjima. ...the greater the odds the others will reach Reisenjima.
11 Oheyo 3:23 Dec. 2021 A mission, right? And now we are married, right? My fault.
11 Oheyo 3:32 Dec. 2021 No matter how many illusions you conjure, I know Lord Tosaka is innocent. The real mastermind should surrender. No matter how many illusions you conjure, I will never believe Lord Tosaka did that. My fault.
11 Creelo 5:41 Dec. 2021 It is no use. I am proud of my skills, but you utterly crushed me. Man, I almost wish I had trained more. Arcadia.
11 Tosaka 10:44 Dec. 2021 Reain and Oheyo, soldiers must live for what they love. Reain and Oheyo, people must live for what they love.
12 Creelo 5:39 Dec. 2021 To protect the cradle from harm, we, the Sylph Eight, undertake a new mission. I feel proud to be chosen to protect Vana’diel. Arcadia.
12 Creelo 5:45 Dec. 2021 This mission requires intensive training. I, Creelo, will rise to the occasion. These vistas inspire me to train harder. I, Creelo, am a new man. Tied to above.
12 Creelo 6:07 Dec. 2021 Yes, um, of course... U-Um, well… Tied to above.
12 Funkworkz 8:18 Dec. 2021 What an appalling time to mention this, right? However, you are still selfish. Arcadia.
12 Creelo 8:21 Dec. 2021 The trial just began, and you are already shaking. Perhaps, but the apple falls close. Tied to above.
12 Creelo 12:13 Dec. 2021 However, I am being slightly aberrant. He wants to avoid me. However, I only need one to make it... Arcadia.
12 Takutu 21:00 Dec. 2021 Um, somehow, yeah? Still alive, yeah. Arcadia.
12 Warden 21:03 Dec. 2021 That is promising. Good enough. Tied to above.
13 Creelo 2:20 Dec. 2021 Did you miss your guardian angel? Did you miss me? More accurately, "Saving you is becoming a routine."
13 Takutu 9:53 Dec. 2021 You will be sorry! I hate you!!! I will find a new family then! Arcadia.
13 Warden 13:04 Dec. 2021 We cannot activate the formation like this. Given our circumstances… start the formation! Arcadia.
13 Reain 13:06 Dec. 2021 Yes, time for timework! Yes, the teamwork formation!
14 Creelo 4:34 Dec. 2021 Not the first time Tosaka wanted to ferret us out of the mountains. Tosaka dispatched search parties even to the fringes. Mentions rookie hunters too.
14 Smokari 6:30 Dec. 2021 You have our gratitude. This age knows nothing but peace. You have my gratitude for freeing us. Arcadia.
14 Armandan 6:49 Dec. 2021 Since you destroyed the seal, prepare for mayhem. Since you destroyed the seal, we will return the favor. Tied to above.
14 Eeke 8:25 Dec. 2021 We have only just met, but your pouting reminded me of someone. You just remind me of someone, Takutu.. Arcadia.
14 Eeke 8:35 Dec. 2021 Yes, you are twins. Yes, indeed. Tied to above.
14 Takutu 8:40 Dec. 2021 Oh, twins, huh? Oh, we do? Tied to above.
15 Warden 12:52 Dec. 2021 By all means, you risked your lives to save us... We owe you our lives... Literally, "You must be exhausted after saving us thirteen times"
15 Carrisa 12:59 Dec. 2021 Because the new, red menace worries us. Tosaka's ambitions remain unchecked. Because we want to stop Tosaka as well. Arcadia.
15 Carrisa 13:14 Dec. 2021 Given his immense, terrifying, evil sohma, our situation bodes ill if Tosaka summoned him. He wields frightening sohma. I suspect Tosaka awoke an ancient evil. Tied to above.
15 Shadowlina 14:32 Dec. 2021 To the south of Horlais Peak lies the Fountain of Kings. The legends say it can grant power. Arcadia.
15 Shadowlina 14:35 Dec. 2021 The fountain resides where the heavens join the earth. At Horlais Peak lies the Fountain of Kings. Literally, "You can see the fountain from both the road and the heavens."
16 Creelo 1:58 Dec. 2021 Right, it went through this village. Blast, if that is what it takes... Arcadia.
16 Takutu 2:59 Dec. 2021 But I cannot just pass through Mount Horlais to reach the Fountain of Kings, can I? But where exactly on Mount Horlais is the Fountain of Kings? Xpaulinho errs and mentions the center of Mount Horlais.
16 Creelo 4:02 Dec. 2021 The waterfall surged and carried us here. The current carried us here.
16 Creelo 4:24 Dec. 2021 Her short stature belies her strength. I never liked watching girls cry. Tied to above.
16 Creelo 7:41 Dec. 2021 They will turn me into snake food at best. I never wanted to share the fate of Deadly Dodo. I wanted to die with dignity, not as snake food. Reference to Maria's bird of paradise, an extinct species.
16 Takutu 13:10 Dec. 2021 I am sorry for Lina's fate, everyone. Lina suffered a tragic fate for us. Arcadia
16 Takutu 13:17 Dec. 2021 Even someone like you could sacrifice yourself. If you did not exist... Tied to above.
16 Reain 20:33 Dec. 2021 We thought you were a goner, Lina. He had you worried, did he not? Possibly, "It was painful to read, Lina"
17 Reain 2:04 Dec. 2021 This lake was created by the overflow from the rest of Reisenjima. Reisenjima produces sap, and the overflow collects here. Xpaulinho corrected Arcadia on using "water" instead of "sap."
17 Takutu 2:20 Dec. 2021 I thought it would astound me like shark fin soup. You would think the earth-god would want his food to taste like something Going with Xpaulinho here.
17 Takutu 11:16 Dec. 2021 Well, once I equipped my shakti, you became a red mist. I did it! With my Shakti, I am invincible! Arcadia.
17 Takutu 14:38 Dec. 2021 They forgot to return Gobbo. I am sure he vanished to practice a new technique for our rematch. He would always hone his skills to perfection. Gai sure is a strange guy. If he had a disappearing technique, you would think he would tell me before the match. Arcadia.
17 Anchorman 14:52 Dec. 2021 We have it captured live on camera. Before 12,000 captivated spectators, Takutu's rival, Gobbo, astonishes everyone by vanishing in a column of light! After much deliberation, the judges have approved Takutu's victory and awarded his prize money. An amazing development at the Junior Martial Arts championship! During the match between Takutu and Gobbo, Gobbo has completely disappeared from the ring! When it cleared, Gobbo had disappeared, before the eyes of 2000 spectators. The judges declared Takutu the winner by default. Xpaulinho corrected Arcadia on the spectator count. Dialogue also mentions stopping the match, but the column of light might have been omitted.
17 Dimitrious 15:30 Dec. 2021 Guidance check. Treat every second as a battlefield. Always keep your eyes on the prize, and never grow complacent! You were careless! Did I not tell you not to think of anything except the battlefield during a match? You cannot let your guard down! Arcadia.
17 Takutu 15:39 Dec. 2021 Come on, Dimitrious. You are not the military police. Lay off about that. This is not the army or anything More accurately, refers to the secret police.
17 Dimitrious 16:06 Dec. 2021 Those kids must be knocking boots. How can he think of girls at a time like this? Literally, "When it comes to boys and girls, catching beans!"
17 Kitsyana 17:16 Dec. 2021 If this is divine retribution, there has been a grave mistake! I am sure there has been some horrible mistake. Arcadia.
17 Creelo 18:47 Dec. 2021 This delicate and fluffy fog invites me to sleep. I am getting bored here. Arcadia.
17 Dimitrious 19:02 Dec. 2021 What an interesting way to dispose of Takutu. Who is up next? Shulato was pretty interesting. Who is that? Arcadia.
17 Takutu 19:39 Dec. 2021 If Grandpa Dimitrious catches me here, he will execute a new guidance check with his sword. If Gramps catches me here, he will have another fit. Xpaulinho notes a shinai being used here.
17 Dimitrious 20:07 Dec. 2021 Guidance check. Entry discovered. Keep your guard up! Uncertain on the second half.
17 Dimitrious 20:36 Dec. 2021 I have thwacked your head with this sword since you were little. I have been hitting you over the head with things since you were small. Strangely, Xpaulinho goes with Arcadia's line here.
18 Anchorman 1:42 Dec. 2021 Perhaps this is a new technique. I do not know how to explain this. Arcadia.
18 Takutu 4:50 Dec. 2021 I recall seeing a gorgeous woman, but the details are fuzzy. I am sure I saw a beautiful woman, but I cannot remember clearly. Possibly describes the woman as "radiant as the sun."
18 Lynh 10:30 Dec. 2021 I, Trailokya Queen Lynh of the Unholy Trinity, have gracefully returned him to Earth. I, the beautiful Lynh of the Unholy Trinity, have sent him back to the human world. The beauty adjective refers to the grace/elegance of her spell.
18 Dimitrious 15:45 Dec. 2021 Guidance check!!! Take this! Arcadia.
18 Takutu 16:01 Dec. 2021 Of course I am fine! Of course I am okay! Possibly, "The eyes of this curmudgeon still work!"
18 Dimitrious 16:06 Dec. 2021 Even so, Takutu, I failed quite miserably. That was a good move, Shulato. Literally, "I did a good story with myself."
18 Takutu 16:10 Dec. 2021 My agility increased overnight. I do feel a bit faster recently. Literally, "My body feels more nimble at night."
19 Dimitrious 5:02 Jan. 2022 Let this old man impart some nuggets of wisdom. I experienced spring fever at his age too. Yes, I had my share of spring fever when I was his age. Arcadia.
19 Dimitrious 5:28 Jan. 2022 Would you like to try some tokoroten noodles? Um... Wanna cook some ramen? Credit to Xpaulinho. Thought it was sea cucumber, but the noodles have some adjective attached to it.
19 Takutu 5:40 Jan. 2022 I never knew you could prepare something like this. Did you just buy them today? Uncertain, but it appears Takutu praised his grandfather here.
19 Tosaka 8:28 Jan. 2022 Lynh appears more sluggish. Lynh seems to be moving slower. Arcadia.
19 Armandan 8:33 Jan. 2022 She generated that much fog and returned Takutu to Earth. Even for her, those techniques consume lots of sohma. Despite her predicament, she fights while laughing. The battle must always remain beautiful. She used a lot of energy sending Shulato back to the human world. She does not want to use it all up. But keep watching. She always makes a fight beautiful. Tied to above.
19 Dimitrious 9:07 Jan. 2022 I cannot believe my eyes. I bought that vase for Mister and Missus Kunagi. These earthquakes are getting bigger! There is no getting away from them! Uncertain on this one. No earthquakes are mentioned, however.
19 Dimitrious 11:47 Jan. 2022 Even if it takes you ten years, you must believe in your own destiny. You must do what you believe in, always. Arcadia.
19 Shadowlina 20:00 Jan. 2022 But the Dawn Goddess answered my plea. My faith in Altana never wavered. But I am happy! My prayers were answered! No clue on this one. Something about faith.
19 Gobbo 21:08 Jan. 2022 What a long-winded tale, Takutu. Congratulations, Takutu. Xpaulinho had Gobbo commenting on Takutu's improved strength, but I disagree.